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E-Commerce Project Report

Customer get many benefits via online shopping this helps e-commerce companies to build long-lasting and profitable relationship with their customers. For making strong relationship with these users it is very important to focus on the customer as a whole and making sense of a flood of real-time information that goes well beyond demographics or shopping behavior. There are two entities who will have the access to the system. One is the admin and another one will be the registered user. Admin can add product details, view all the order details and can also view the sales of the products. User need to register with basic registration details to generate a valid username and password. After the user logins, it can view all the products that are recommended on the homepage compiled by the system based on user’s information. From the recommended products, the user can even further view its details and then if interested to buy, the system gives add to cart option for purchasing the product. The system even has an AI bot with the help of which the user can get answers to queries like features, warranty, price etc. details of the products. This AI Bot even converts text to speech. After selecting the product, user can do payment for the particular product online. Users can view their order history of their purchased product.

About E-Commerce Project

The main objective of the E-commerce Portal is to manage the details of Products,Customer,Shipping,Payment,Category. It manages all the information about Products, Sales, Category, Products. The project is totally built at administrative end and thus only the administrator is guaranteed the access. The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the Products, Customer, Sales, Shipping. It tracks all the details about the Shipping,Payment,Category.

Project Report Includes

ER Diagram
DFD Diagram
Waterfall Model
Flow Chart
Testing Case
IEEE Standard
Gantt Chart

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